Ep. 3 – Preparing Your Exit Plan with Gamal Codner

Dec 9, 2022 | Podcast

True Wealth Conversations
True Wealth Conversations
True Wealth Conversations


Welcome back to another episode of True Wealth Conversations! We are live today at Black Equity Con having a special limited edition going on and I’m excited to share today’s guest with you, Gamal Codner. Gamal is an amazing friend, entrepreneur, husband, and dad and now CEO. He shares a little about his story and how he got started helping entrepreneurs get acquired and to prepare their exit strategies for their businesses. He shares more information with us today about what you should be thinking about as far as exiting as you are growing your business, the process of exiting, and preparing your business. This was a great conversation with Gamal so be sure to tune in to hear the value that he brings.

Key Takeaways

Gamal shares his story from being a kid in Jamaica that started a family owned brand that scaled to a few million dollars and they were able to get acquired in about four years. He now helps other entrepreneurs do the same thing.

Gamal and I chat about entrepreneurs growing their businesses and thinking about exiting. He shares that the steps are actually simple to prepare your business for exiting. He says that the main things you should worry about when you’re selling your business is transferability and strategic value. Be sure that you create value that is worth more to someone bigger than you, more than what your numbers say your company’s worth.

Gamal and I chat about the things you should be thinking about now to create your exit strategy and he shares those things with us today. He shares that it seems impossible until you know someone who’s done it and then it seems more realistic. 

Gamal launched a consultant practice that helps businesses with helping online brands prepare to build a brand that can be excited. So whether you are in the early stages of building or 1-2 years out from your exit, Gamal can help. Tune in to this episode to hear all of the value that Gamal shares.

In this episode, we covered:

-How Gamal got started helping others build their exit strategies

-The things entrepreneurs who are growing their businesses should be thinking about now to create their exit strategies

-Thinking about creating your exit strategy early on

-How Gamal can help your business

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

-Connect with Gamal Codner on Linkedin (LINK: www.linkedin.com/in/gamalcodner)

-Check out my full story on how I went from BROKE to 8.5 million (LINK EPISODE 2).

-Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook: @dominiquebroadway


True Wealth Conversations is your safe space to have healthy and wealthy conversations about life, love, business and motherhood. Together we will unlock the true meaning of wealth with weekly episodes hosted by Top Millennial Money Expert Dominique Broadway.Dominique has won numerous awards such as being named one of the Top Financial Advisors for Millennials in the U.S., Changemaker of the Year, Businessperson of the Year in Washington D.C. and the Top 30 under 30 in Washington D.C. She does all of this while also being a mom of 2, a friend, and an inspiration to many. Connect with Dominique across social media: @dominiquebroadway or learn more on her website at: www.dominiquebroadway.com.

Preparing Your Exit Plan


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