Ep. 17 Build Your Authority through Podcasting with Jessica Hurley

Jul 5, 2023 | Podcast

True Wealth Conversations
True Wealth Conversations
True Wealth Conversations

Podcasting may not be for everyone, but it can help connect you with anyone. 

On this premier episode of True Wealth Conversations, Jessica Hurley, Founder of Instapodcasts sits down with Dominique Broadway, to reveal the untapped power that podcasting holds for entrepreneurs and business owners. Find out how podcasting can help you build authority in your industry and how to turn your podcast into a profit-making asset to your business. Jessica also discusses the evolution of podcasts and lays gems on some of the current podcasting trends that you do not want to miss!

So join in on this value-packed episode, and find out how you can attain your own true wealth by harnessing the power of podcasts with Jessica Hurley today.


  • Podcasting as a business opportunity
  • Your podcast is a silent mover in the background of your business 
  • Create marketing channels, generate revenue and meet new people through podcasting
  • Connect with people deeply through your advocacy
  • How to increase your engagement reach
  • Why podcasting can change lives and have a substantial impact 


“If you have something that works for you right now, and an audience that loves it, a podcast is perfect. When you have a message, and you’re just starting out, you have to be really down for the long game.” 

“If this content is changing lives and changing the world, why are we not supporting these creators?”


Jessica Hurley 

Website | https://www.jessicahurley.co/instapodcasts 

IG | @jessicahurley__

YouTube | Rich In Real Life with Jessica Hurley

LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicahurley/ 


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