Ep. 16 Your Wisdom is Your Best Wealth Generator with Justin Brimmer

Jul 4, 2023 | Podcast

True Wealth Conversations
True Wealth Conversations
True Wealth Conversations

In this episode of True Wealth Conversations, guest speaker Justin Brimmer, Founder of Unorthodox Inc., shares how wisdom, innovation, and creativity are some of the key factors to manifesting wealth in your business and your life. 

As a business manager, Justin explains to Dominique that to build an empire, you have to be aware of the wolves that hide beneath sheep’s clothing so that the people you surround yourself with do not become your business’ downfall. 

So join in on this True Wealth Conversation, and uncover the ways in which you can utilize your wisdom to generate your own wealth. 


  • How to be inspired, empower your business, and build an empire 
  • Learn from the people around you while being you
  • Be a discerning decision maker to maintain your business
  • Know the importance of realizing your self efficacy 
  • Discovering how your wisdom drives your wealth 
  • How to deal with mental battles, vices, and bad habits 
  • Have the awareness of dealing with enemies


“Wisdom is the best wealth generator in this world. Wisdom is about timing. Wisdom is about people. Wisdom is about discernment. Wisdom is about strategy. I want wisdom. Wisdom always create wealth.” – Justin Brimmer 

“When you become a leader, you have to become more self sustained. You have to have self efficacy.” – Justin Brimmer 

“Many people know what their vices are, and will still put themselves in the room full of their vices and then not understand why they failed, then not understand why they ended back up in the same place that they started.” – Dominique Broadway 


Justin Brimmer

Webite | https://www.unorthodoxinc.com/  

IG | @thejustinbrimmer

LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinbrimmer/ 


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