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Growing up, I always had an inkling that I was meant to serve others, but I didn’t know how. Now, my purpose is clear. Using my decades of expertise in money mindset and management, I have devoted my life to helping thousands of women liberate themselves from small thinking and small bank accounts.

I began teaching myself about investing at just 16 years old.

By the time I hit college, I started advising my friends. Before the age of 22, I bought my first house and went on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in banking and finance – and later, a master’s degree in financial management. I then began a lucrative career as a licensed financial planner and advisor for high-net-worth individuals. Working at major corporate brokerage firms such as UBS and Edelman, I provided financial planning, trading, and asset management for clients with 5, 10, and 15 million-dollar portfolios.

While my career was thriving, it quickly dawned on me that more people deserved access to financial freedom. It was then that I left my corporate career to launch Finances Demystified.

Today, I am incredibly proud of the life I’ve made. Not only do I have a husband, daughter, and new baby on the way, but I have built my business to almost 8-figures, officially making me the first multi-millionaire in my family!

But It Wasn’t Always This Way

Now that you’ve heard the highlight reel, let’s talk about the other side.

How about when my car got repossessed? Let’s discuss how it felt when my home was in foreclosure…or what about when my credit score dropped to 400?

I know what it’s like to be facing an uphill battle. Better yet, I know what it takes to come out on the other side. Both my highest highs and my lowest lows have made me uniquely qualified to guide others out of the depths of financial despair. I’ve lived both of these realities and that is why I can now, confidently educate other women on every level of their finances.

Brands I’ve Worked With

Why Am I Telling You This?

I know the vulnerability that it takes to face your money problems head-on. I understand how raw and real it is to realize you want more out of life and have to ask for help. I know because I’ve been there before.

Whether you’re living check to check, planning for generational wealth, or sitting somewhere in between, I’ve been where you are, I know where you’re going, and I am here to help.

More About Me…

Here’s what I’ve been up to since founding Finances Demystified:

  • Named Top Money Expert by Go Banking Rates
  • Named one of the Top Financial Advisors in the United States for Millennials
  • Top 30 Under 30 in Washington DC
  • DC Future Business Leader of America Businessperson of the Year
  • Nominated for the Changemaker of the Year for my work with Financial Literacy
  • Taught more than 10,000 students how to invest & create generational wealth
  • Featured speaker at universities such as Georgetown University, Howard University and University of Maryland and corporations such as NBC Universal and numerous non-profits.

Described as “edgy” and “engaging,” my financial advice has been highlighted on TIME, NextAdvisor, Yahoo!, USA Today, Refinery 29, Baltimore Sun, Black Enterprise,, Ebony Magazine, SmartCEO, U.S. News, and other media outlets.

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