Ep. 6 – Building Brands that are Fundable with Derick Pearson

Dec 15, 2022 | Podcast

True Wealth Conversations
True Wealth Conversations
True Wealth Conversations


On today’s episode of True Wealth Conversations, I am joined by Derick Pearson. Derek is the Executive Director for the Center for Black Innovation. Derick and I talk about what the Center for Black Innovation is and how it helps and more on fundable brands and how to make sure you are building a brand that is fundable. Tune in to hear all of the value that Derick brings!

Key Takeaways

The center for black innovations’ vision is to eliminate Innovation deserts in Black communities as well as to create Equitable Capital Pathways to make sure that Black people have access to all of this capital through a series of programs: 

  • Accelerated Programs – focuses on entrepreneurs and getting them capital ready, so a structured brand and business is needed to be able to attract and raise money. 
  • Investor Accreditation Academy – where we look for high network individuals and teach how to become accredited
  • Cyber Security Program – making sure that people of color are active in this new industry that is paramount and essential ro making sure our nation is secure, our businesses are secure, and our wealth is secure. 

Understand what is a fundable brand, the difference between a regular brand and a fundable brand. A regular brand is designed to be cute, to look good, in order to make it fundable you have to have to have a business model attached to that, you have to have a customer satisfaction model attached, you have to attract to customers which brings in the sale, and the sale bring in investors, have to have a strategy around making sure that you build a relationship with the people who will funding your ideas. 

To start, first you need to examine yourself and figure out the zone of your genius, you need to identify a problem that is align in your zone of genius cause once you identify that problem, you become passionate about that problem, and once you become one including the solution you’re providing, the investor is stirs up something within them and become interested. 

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

-Connect with Derick on Instagram (www.instagram.com/derickpearson), on Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/in/derickp ), and Twitter (www.twitter.com/pearsonderick). You can also check out his website at: www.buildfundablebrands.com

-Centers for Black Innovation (https://www.cfbi.org/)

-Check out last week’s episode (LINK)

-Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook: @dominiquebroadway


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Building Brands that are Fundable


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