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The Wealth Decisions

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Finding your purpose on your wealth building  journey Worksheet


Chapter 1

  • How’s your relationship with your personal finance
  • You money mindset
  • Engage Money Conversation to Take Your Power Back

Chapter 2

  • Identify Those Strong Emotions
  • Your First Experience With Money

Chapter 3

  • The Five Most Common Financial Pitfalls: Doing the most
  • The Five Most Common Financial Pitfalls: Overanalyzing
  • Going for Instant Gratification
  • The Five Most Common Financial Pitfalls: Avoiding Risk
  • How a Financial Planner Went from Broke to Generating $8.5 Million
  • Keep Yourself Accountable for Your Spending

Chapter 4

  • Be the CEO of Your Money
    What’s your ideal life
  • Figuring out the small things is important

Chapter 5

  • Your Two Magic Numbers
    How Can You Make More Money?
  • Tools for Your Wealth
  • Your Net worth
  • Four Net Worth Milestones

Chapter 6

  • The Psychology of Your Own Debt
  • Four Steps to Rip Debt
  • Borrowing Your Way Wealthy

Chapter 7

  • Make Saving Simple and Sexy, Then
  • Circulate Your Way to Wealth

Chapetr 8

  • Envision Your Dream Stream

Chapter 9

  • Nontraditional Ways of Making Money

Chapter 10

  • Protect Your Wealth
  • Financial Inventory

Your Legacy Worksheet


Click here to download all “The Wealth Decision” Book Resources.


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