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I’m Dominique Broadway, an award winning Personal Finance Expert and Money Therapist. My personal journey to help you began after working with the uber wealthy and realizing that money advice should be available to anyone that wants it and it should be affordable!

On this journey, I have developed a reputation for making a boring topic such as personal finance fun and easy to understand. My straight to the point, non-judgemental delivery of all things money is what sets me apart from all the others! Join me on this journey as I help you understand your finances and bring all your Dreams2Reality!

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Join me for a 5 Week Online Bootcamp that will help you tackle every financial aspect of your life! Enroll now for our next class.

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Let’s work together to create a realistic plan to take control of your finances and reach all of your financial goals!

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Learn more about my signature topics and how I can be apart of your next event. Also available for radio, tv or print requests.

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The Broadway Blog

What Financial Health Means to Me

Being an adult is overrated we have to worry about being physically healthy, mentally healthy, spiritually healthy and the one that everyone seems to forget about financially healthy. #adulting

So what does it really mean […]

The Problems That Can Arise From Prince Not Having a Will & (A Free Will Prep Checklist For You)

We were all speechless and left in complete shock when the passing of Prince was announced. With little to no indication that anything was wrong and him having recently successful tour stops in every […]

That Day Experian Put Me on Their Podcast & Gave Me a Gift!

While in Charlotte at FinCon 2015 (basically a conference for financial blogger and finance geeks, which I am one of). I was interviewed by Experian! In this interview I chat about how my “dream […]