Eating Healthy for Less

Getting and staying shape is a battle fought not only in the gym. We’ve all heard the phrase “Abs are made in the kitchen” but if your kitchen is riddled with processed foods, you’re […]

Party Like a Rockstar (on a Budget)!

It’s that time of year for firing up the barbecue, enjoying an ice cold beer around the bonfire, or an informal dinner under the stars. There’s nothing better than a summer party, while the […]

Class of 2015: Understanding Your 1st Paycheck

Getting your first paycheck can be a really exciting time! It can also be a really confusing time. If you received a paper check for your first pay day, you may be thrown off […]

Major Purchases 101

Major purchases or expenses are sure to pop up from time to time. Unlike most things in life, it’s one of the things you can count on happening! Outside of your normal living expenses, you […]

7 Ways to Fill Up Your Closet with Business Attire (on a budget)

If you just landed your first office job you’re probably feeling two things: excitement and panic! Getting your first real job should be all fun but worrying about what you’re going to wear and […]

5 Tips for Getting Out From Under Your Student Loans

Modern professionals, especially in the millennial generation, are plagued with student loans. It is not unusual to meet a young professional who earns only a quarter of their total student loan debt. This debt […]

5 Ways to Avoid Blowing Your Tax Refund

Tax time to some, can mean a large bill from the IRS, for others it can be the boost in cash that will jumpstart your finances for the year. The tax refund is also […]

Digit May Have Just Solved Your Saving Issue

One financial tip that we have all heard millions of times is to automate our savings! And even though most of you know that this is the most effective way to consistently save, many still do not implement […]

Your Money Situation Does NOT Define YOU!

Your Money Situation Does NOT Define YOU!
“I’m broke, I’m worthless…..”. Have you ever heard anyone say these words? Have you ever said these words? I think we have all been there before. Bank accounts […]